What you get

Besides the fantastic possibility to be addressed in the future with count, duke, baron, prince or princess, you will have a lot of fun!

It is primarily a symbolic title, in which you or the person to whom you give the title can have a lot of fun. Just impress your fellow men a little by placing the appointment certificate in your living room or office. Surround yourself with noble insignia such as an extra-printed coffee mug or pillow. Enjoy it to guide your new nobility title as a name addition on your business cards and letterheads, and note how respectfully you are treated as Lord of Kerry suddenly in the hotel.

Your certificate of nobility

All nobility titles come of course with their own magnificent certificate of appointment. On this the elevation into the respective nobility is confirmed, it is stamped and signed. The documents are ready for print and framing in any size.

Your certificates: You will receive an authentic one in german and an translation in english.

Free partner certificates

If you are elevated to the status of nobility, this naturally also has an effect on your family. We offer optional free partner certificates. Also the little ones do not come too briefly, to each nobility title we issue also the appropriate documents for the children for an very small extra fee. The fact that the children can often be called prince and princess when their parents are aristocratic makes this particularly beautiful.


The titles include our information supplements. For all German nobility titles we provide beautifully designed information pdf booklets. In them each reference to our Internet site or other advertisement is missing, so that you can give it away. The supplements come per title, not per partner certificate. The brochure comes in english.


Your coat of arms

Your coat of arms will also be delivered to you digitally. It is of high graphic quality and can be easily printed on anything you want. Mugs, t-shirts, flags, business cards and so on