Shipping & Payment

No shipping – no costs

Your voucher covers the costs if you order your title together with 2 certificates. There are no additional costs, everything is already paid for with your voucher.

You will receive all documents within a few minutes by email as a pdf and everything is also available for download in your customer account. You can download anything at any time, you have unlimited access to all your documents. Sending by email causes no CO2 emissions and saves resources such as paper and ink. Therefore, whenever possible, we should consider alternative methods such as sending documents electronically.

  • You will receive your pdf´s (certificates, brochure and crest) within a few minutes after completing your order
  • For an additional children’s certificate we charge $3 each

Why no shipping

Shipping from Europe to the USA is not only extremely expensive, it also takes quite a long time. Again and again, shipments do not arrive or are damaged upon receipt.

We think it’s environmentally irresponsible to ship something hundreds or thousands of miles criss-cross the world that you can easily print yourself. We are therefore happy to send your certificates and your booklet by email as PDFs. Optionally, you can also choose printing and shipping.

The advantage of sending an email is that you have your order to hand immediately and can print it out. Another advantage is that you can print the certificate in any size you want, i.e. in letter format or as a poster, on photo paper or special certificate paper, everything works. Even if you don’t have nice paper or a printer, the nearest copy shop is certainly not far and can print it for you very well.

Isn’t that much nicer than paying expensive shipping costs and then waiting?