Nobility Special

For our nobles we have a very special star certificate for you.

Finding beautiful, personalized gifts is pretty hard, so here we have one for you. One of the most personal gift ideas is the dedication of a star in the name of a loved one.

Redeem you coupon at

What you get

  • A magnificent pdf registry certificate with your name and your star’s exact details by email within 4 hours
  • A free 2nd certificate for your spouse, fiancé, or friend
  • Software to help you find your star and a wealth of additional information, instantly downloadable
  • A color pdf booklet with lots of information about the stars, as well as a detailed step-by-step guide for the star software to find your own star

As a valued noble, we are pleased to give you a gift voucher. Redeem this at LetsBuyStars and all you have to do is pay


for your complete star-naming-package.

Please use this code at checkout: buyplanets23

Name a star

Name a unique star! With your voucher for only $14.90

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